Objectives of the Union of Oenologists of the Czech Republic


The aim of the Union of Oenologists is to bring together oenologists working in the Czech Republic. An oenologist is defined as a person who has attained a secondary or higher education in viticulture or winemaking or in a related field, or who has attained at least WSET level 3 or who has 10 years’ experience in viticulture or winemaking, and who at the same time, as part of his/her professional activity, is active in viticulture or winemaking or is involved in research in viticulture or winemaking.

Another objective of the Union of Oenologists is regular education of its members in the fields of viticulture, oenology and winemaking. The Union of Oenologists also wishes to provide support and education for the public involved in wine production and viticulture, to promote cooperation with other wine organisations and to act as an advisory body for the development of methodology for the transition of the Czech Republic to the appellation system. The Union of Oenologists as an association is a member of the Union of Winegrowers of the Czech Republic and will actively participate in the formation and development of viticulture and winemaking in the Czech Republic.

The Union of Oenologists wants to establish closer cooperation between wine producers and their sellers – sommeliers, to unify opinions on Czech and Moravian wines in a calibration way and to create a unified view of pricing, competitiveness and above all presentation of domestic wines by consensus.

An important goal of the Union of Oenologists is not only to staff national and international wine competitions with oenologists from the Czech Republic and to ensure maximum correctness and quality of wine evaluation, with a cautious approach to wines with unfermented sugar residue to hide the true potential of the wine, but also to take over the professional guarantee over the functioning of the highest wine competition in the Czech Republic – the Wine Salon of the Czech Republic.

The members of the Union of Oenologists are promoters and producers of dry wines (residual sugar – glucose and fructose up to 4 g/l), using natural methods – maceration, ageing of wine on lees mainly in barrels and other natural containers, with the aim of achieving the authenticity of the wine from a particular locality and using the maximum potential of the grape variety.

The members of the Union of Oenologists promote the sale of white wines no earlier than one year after harvest, red wines no earlier than two years after harvest. They always promote experiential wine consumption over mere alcohol consumption in their dealings with their customers, business partners and the media.


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