Ambitions of the Union of OEnologists of the Czech Republic


The great ambition of the Union of Oenologists is to become a full member of the International Union of Oenologists (Union International des Œnologues or International Union of Oenologists – UIŒ or UIOE).
Each member of the Union of Oenologists must respect the esteem and reputation of the other members of the Union of Oenologists. Similarly, the Union of Oenologists itself must be in solidarity with the other national associations within the UIOE and respect their independence.

The Union of Oenologists wishes to make a significant contribution to the staffing of national and international wine competitions by oenologists from the Czech Republic and to ensure maximum fairness and quality in the evaluation of wines at these competitions. One of the ambitions of the Union of Oenologists is to consistently delegate members of the UO CZ to evaluate wines in other UIΠmember states and to create a wide cooperative network of oenologists.

Another ambition is to achieve closer connection with organisations across the industry. Specifically, to improve the level of communication with representatives of the Wine Fund, to improve synchronising and the way in which wineries and wines from the Czech Republic are promoted, to achieve a clear unity of opinion and a high level of communication with control authorities in developing effective measures against wine counterfeiting.

One of the greatest ambitions of the Union of Oenologists is also to improve cooperation between the production and research sectors in line with the latest trends and technological practices, using subsidy titles, prestige and intellectual property of enterprises. In order to promote this form of cooperation, the Union of Oenologists wants to organise training programmes and at the same time make maximum use of positive media coverage by public institutions (university, research institute, etc.), whereby information communicated in a professional manner has an effect of objectification on the consumer rather than a ‘bespoke’ campaign.


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